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''A sublime and passionate performer, capturing the hearts of audiences with his powerful voice and talent. His heart and soul as a singer/songwriter comes through loud and clear. His impressive vocal range and style are getting the attention of international music professionals.”

 “Talentoso cantautor puertorriqueño que ha ganado la admiración de profesionales de la música a nivel internacional, tanto por sus composiciones, como por su calidad interpretativa. Con un impresionante registro vocal Pedro José ha ganado competencias tales como ‘El festival San Juan de la Canción’ (mejor canción, voz e interpretación); ganador de mejor composición categoría country en enero 2005 en la competencia ‘Song Of the Year’; mejor vocalista mes de agosto 2005 en la revista online ‘’ y cuatro menciones honoríficas en distintos géneros en la 13ava edición de la competencia ‘Billboard World Songwriting Contest’. Actualmente Pedro José se encuentra trabajando como cantante profesional y en la preproducción de lo que sería su primer CD. Varias de sus composiciones están siendo consideradas para varios reality shows de las grandes cadenas de TV en EE.UU. así como para algunas películas.”

For: ¡BOOM! MAGAZINE AUGUST 2006 page 26


“Overall Comments:

Hola Pedro: Your skills as a vocal interpreter are well matched to your melodic instincts and your lyrical specificity. "Deseo De Amar" and "Si Preguntan Por Mi" both qualify on the basis of their shared dramatic impact. "La Primera" has a more upbeat and modern rock vibe that might signal a new direction for you in the future. Your vocals are excellent across the board in all styles.”

“Anthemic song with a strong chorus.” For song (Deseo De Amar)

“A dramatic ballad with a powerful chorus.” For Song (Si Preguntan Por Mi)

“Punchy chorus and additional vocals punch up the song.” For Song (La Primera)

“Solid songwriting, an appealing voice, excellent intonation and delivery and a very pro approach adds up to a solid package. Forwarded with best wishes for continued artistic growth and success.”

Listener ID # 238 For TAXI Listing S060627LP

"Overall Comments:

Hola Pedro José: "La Primera" is a warm sounding track that benefits from the upbeat group chorus that adds another dimension of singability. "Si Preguntan Por Mi" is a deep ballad with an amazing lead vocal performance. Lyrics, music and performance are exquisitely attuned to the theme. "Deseo De Amar" is based on a electronic loop that projects the vulnerability of the vocal in the verses. The chorus lifts the energy level."

Title: La Primera - Punchy and fun track with a vivacious energy.

Title: Si Preguntan Por Mi - A souful ballad with a killer dramatic lead vocal.

Title: Deseo De Amar - A strong lyrical statement enhanced by an interesting melody and a right on the money performance.

Studio sheen shines across these tracks.

The main reason you were or were forwarded for this listing is: As noted from the artist's bio, there is a lot going on in his career. It's evident why from these three songs: very interesting melodic instincts are married to equally compelling lyrics and delivered though fully realized performances. Forwarded with best wishes. 

Listener ID # 238 For Taxi Listing # S061024ML

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